Born 2 Win Foundation – Mission 100 tons of Rice

Top4 Call Drivers is the company I use for travelling within the city. It was a distressing moment when I received a call from Mr Ravi, who said that he has driven me around the city and he along with 15 families are on the brink of starvation. “Madam, please Madam, please help us” he implored. Due to the lockdown, acting drivers or Call drivers as well as drivers of various cab aggregators are rendered jobless. Many of them send money to their families living in villages, or have EMIs to pay off and basically live a hand to mouth existence.

I immediately thought of Varsha Aswani of Born2Win Foundation  who has been doing a great service of supplying dry rations to so many families across the city. They are on a mission of distributing 100 tons of rice along with other supplies. I just gave Varsha, the driver Ravi’s number and she took over. She called him and got all the details and sent her team right away and supplied all the 15 families, dry rations which will last for a few days and also promised that her team will be back to replenish the stock.

The Born 2 Win team followed strict social distancing norms and made sure all the 15 families received the rations.

A few weeks ago I received a call from Bhoomika Foundation asking whether there were people who can distribute food to senior citizens in the Mogappair area. I gave Varsha’s number.  They contacted her and she took over and distributed to those areas.

“Varsha was a great help. We are so grateful” Bhoomika Foundation.

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