Divine Encounters

sundara Varadaraja perumal

Sundara Varadaraja perumal temple, Uthiramerur

Unveiling the Yoginis – A Journey of Self Discovery. Book Review

The Red Diary-Part 2

The Red Diary

Kandhakottam. Kandaswami Temple, George Town, Chennai

Dosai Chronicles

A Fossil Expedition and Capers in a Cave

The Divine Manuscripts

From Snatch to Salvation: A Twist of Fate

Bucheswara Temple at Koravangla, Karnataka

cow menace in chennai

The cow menace lurking the Chennai streets

Shiva lingam at Thiruvadhigai

The temple which inspired Raja Raja Chola to build the Big Temple – Thiruvadhigai

Sandalwood Garuda in Bindiganavale, Karnataka

The Panchamukha Vadyam- Ancient Musical Instrument

The story of how Appar witnessed Mount Kailash at Thiruvaiyaaru

Udaiyar Book Review: A Fascinating Journey into Chola Dynasty History

A visit to Walden Pond and site of Thoreau’s Cabin, Concord, Massachusetts

Thirupanandaal, the Miracle of the Leaning Lingam

Sorrakkai Masala Kootu

Comfort food: Sorrakai Masala Kootu

The Chevvai Pillayar Pooja

The significance of the Number 33

The Treasured Rice Upma and Its Cousins

The Unique Shiva Temple at Avudaiyar Koil-Thiruperunthurai

The Resplendent Verses: The Kolaru Pathigam

Celestial Echoes: The Awakening of Thirugnanasambandar

Ancient Twin Temples with a Fascinating History Near Chennai

The Miracle That Happened at Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore

Visit to Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

The Kalighat temple, Kolkata

Tales of Wonder & Wander

Divine Encounters

Urmila was running late. She needed to complete the cooking within 10 minutes and start packing the lunch boxes. One for her father in law, one for her brother in law and another for her husband. But...

The Red Diary-Part 2

The lines at the two cash counters were getting longer. Srivalli noticed this from her desk in her room. Sumangala Foods was getting a lot of attention via Instagram and there was a sudden increase...

The Red Diary

“Hmmm. Where is it? Did I leave the investment file in my office desk…” pondered Kumar, while he emptied the drawer contents on to the floor. Old cassettes, CDs, Srivallis recipe...

Dosai Chronicles

Dosai. The popular tiffin item can become a King of the kitchen in its myriad avataars like Ghee roast, Mysore Masala dosai or cheese dosai for the AI savvy kids in the household or can transform...

The Divine Manuscripts

As dusk approached, the marketplace surrounding the Chidambaram Nataraja temple bustled with activity. “The discourse will start promptly after sunset… hurry up!” urged Alli...

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