Dosai Chronicles

Dosai. The popular tiffin item can become a King of the kitchen in its myriad avataars like Ghee roast, Mysore Masala dosai or cheese dosai for the AI savvy kids in the household or can transform into a quick fix “make do” meal with Molaga podi as accompaniment when there is nothing worthwhile except some week old batter in the fridge.
Dosai, was the topic for this week’s Neeya Naana much to our amusement. We seriously thought that the show makers were scraping the bottom of the topic barrel! ….But what an eye opener it was….Had a peep into several households and their quirky ways on Dosa eating. Almost all the participants agreed that it’s the woman who has to labour at the stove making dosai after dosai while the family orders from the dining table…Crispy one please, Medhu dosai for me…With ghee…with carrot and onions and what not.
Yes, Dosais must be eaten hot, straight off the stove preferably with your favourite accompaniment. Each house has a Dosai tradition. At my house, the dosais are made before hand and stacked in a hot case. Thanks to my father in law Shanmugham Mama! That’s the custom, even on Deepavali when the festive breakfast is Dosai with Masala Kuzhambu.
“மாமா சூட சாப்பிடுங்க!
வேண்டாம் மா! எல்லா தோசையும் வார்த்துடு. ஒண்ணா உட்கார்ந்து சாப்பிடலாம்..”
He always insisted that we must eat together. He didn’t mind if dosais are not wafer thin, piping hot or Murugal. For him eating together was more important and that joy of eating together even beat the heavenly taste of that Murugal Ghee Roast.

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