A Child’s magic

I eagerly await to envisage
Your earnest faces
Your enthusiasm is an encouragement to me.
The effort with which you carry your
Encumbering bag is a
Paradox to your exuberant self.
I enthusiastically stand before you
To educate
In an eloquent, enterprising or efficient way.
You elapse into rapt attention
For you love to be enlightened.
Your eagerness elevates me to
Enliven the place with enjoyable anecdotes.
All your naughty thoughts are eclipsed
when I elucidate.
Though a few may err,
It is never a task to elicit
enterprising responses from you.
Enormous thanks giving to God I give
for giving me this exclusive right
to stand before you exalted,
in endless endurance to enthuse and enlighten
It is an enigma how you
have exclusive rights to enjoyment.
While it is an effort
for we adults to echo
your exuberance.
Tell me how! Oh tell me how!
Educate this teacher, children dear!

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