Goodbye Kalai

And once again the beast has taken one more life. Kalai, you put up such a brave fight. But the beast was more powerful than your will to live. When will Man conquer this beast of Cancer?! So many lives it has plucked away in untimely and cruel ways.

Kalai, your cheerfulness and positive attitude throughout this 2 year struggle has inspired many. It was remarkable how your family members bravely stood by you, comforting you. Hats off to your husband, Manohar who stoically stood beside the bed, yesterday, holding your hands and your son Vignay, such a dear, was at the other side of the bed bravely rubbing your arms and adjusting the oxygen mask. This scene will be forever etched in my mind. It makes you feel, time is very short. Love, Give, Inspire, Achieve, Live as if there is no tomorrow. Before some unknown beast snatches away the time.

You have left behind a lovely family whom God will take care henceforth but the void you have left will take a while to fill, or maybe never.

Long time ago when we were young, we all spent time discussing the lives we all wanted, we discussed our desires and dreams that sunny evening. Such joyous fun filled days. Glad for those memories and much more which come crowding to my mind.

No more pain, no more suffering, no more chemo, no more target therapy, no more pet scans, no more CANCER. You have reached a happy, cheerful, sunny place free from all the worldly suffering. Om Shanthi Kalai. God be with your dear family.


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