Musings of the heart

I sat on the couch feeling despair and dismay 

At the thought of the foreboding test the next day 

With great will I banished all pessimistic thoughts 

And decided to dwell on something gay. 

Very soon my mind went to her, a loving soul 

My best performance in school was her goal 

She loved children of any age 

And encouraged them at every stage 

 Her pride was Cleanliness 

Her forte was her Helpfulness 

Her nature was Amicable 

Her memory was Remarkable 

Her ideas were always Unique 

 Just thoughts of her has my spirits soaring 

How I long to see her eyes caring 

Fate has plucked her away forever

Can I erase the memories etched in my heart of 

My beloved Grandmother?!

Written on behalf of my daughter, Shweta

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