Wish it went on for longer….

I was as usual multitasking! Now I was driving my silver grey Reva, off to a meet a friend in the town and I was on the phone. It was just a friendly “How are You, let’s catch up sometime” call with an old childhood friend of mine. Had to cut the call, as I had reached my destination. A lovely quiet lane with traditional Chettinad type houses with beautifully carved, impressive doors. There was no parking and so I took a turn into a lane and parked the car and left for my friend’s house by walk.

Halfway through I realized I hadn’t locked the car and had left the key in the ignition. I hurried back to lock up and take the key when I realized the car was not there where I had parked. My heart sank! I ran up and down that lane checking out all the cars when I saw him standing there carrying two heavy bags in his hands, immaculately dressed as he usually is. It was Appa! It was such a relief seeing him and I had no clue how he came there. We now both searched for the car together. We saw a grey Reva and rushed towards it, only to realize it was someone else’s car.

Appa kept assuring me, Don’t worry, maybe you did not park in this lane at all. We walked towards the adjoining lane…..when I woke up. It was a dream. How real it was, maybe since I remembered so much of it.

I lay in bed for a while thinking that Appa had come in my dream after a while. To reassure me that all will be well in these troubled times?!

Only while I was having my morning coffee I realized that tomorrow is his Birth Anniversary. April 13th.

He would have turned 85 if he had not passed on, in 2010.


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