Bucheswara Temple at Koravangla, Karnataka

The first sight of this impressive temple brought immense joy, not just because it was beautiful beyond words (we had already feasted our senses by visiting Belur and Halebid the day before) but because it was totally deserted. We had the temple to ourselves because the usual touristy busloads do not visit this place. There was a light drizzle and we alighted from the car gazing at the structure which was built in the 12th Century by an Officer called Buchiraja to celebrate the coronation of the Hoysala King Veera Ballala 2. This site preserved by the ASI is about 8 kms from Hassan town. Google Maps takes you there without much trouble, although the road leading to this temple was under construction and it took us a while to reach here. But it was definitely worth the trouble.

Lots of impressive sculptures assault your senses.  Every little carving in this partly ruined temple demands your attention.

Actually we didn’t  know where to look. While you admire one, the next grasps your attention.

The Shiva Shrine housing the Lingam was very dark and we managed to have darshan by switching on our cell phone torches. Unfortunately there was no guide in the premises but the lone security guard demonstrated a jaw dropping marvel. The Nandi in front of the shiva lingam can be rotated 360 degrees. No nuts or bolts or screws. It just perfectly rests on the stone platform and moves smoothly.  Don’t miss the video. Indeed, an engineering marvel, so ancient and perfectly balanced rotating without a hitch, in spite of the ravages of time. Unheard and totally unsung!

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