Cat puzzle

Cannot find the blessed cat in this picture!

Modiji as expected has extended the lockdown till May 3rd. Everybody thought it might be till April 30th but 3rd May it is. Even before the TV channels started dissecting every statement of his, the meme makers and WA news creators went wild stating that 19 days extension is a number which is scientifically proven to ward away evils and the number of days is chosen after discussion with vedic astrologers, mathematicians, scientists and Puranas! Whatever it is, till May 3rd we are all stuck at home! I think to myself and go back to my laptop to commence my office work for the day.

Thankfully all chores are done and dusted for the day and I have the whole day ahead of me till dinner time! So can get lots of office work done, or so I think!

Ping! I usually have my Web Whatsapp on for quick communication with my LBN group. But this ping is from my College Group. Unscramble the letters to form Sari types. Hah! This puzzzle is new so I quickly solve 4! Before the next ping comes along from another group.

This time its my childhood friend with the most delectable looking chocolate cake which she made without egg in a cooker! Oh come on…how can this come out so perfect. While all the oohs and aahs are reverberating in the WA group, another ping snaps me back to attention. It’s from a bigwig client. “Can I see the weekly report of the activities by EOD?” Oops! OMG, I am whiling away my precious time. I get on to the office group and bark instructions to my bewildered team who are all working from their homes, each one tearing their hair out trying to keep up to date with deadlines, mother in law’s whims, husband’s pet peeves, wives’ hysterical outbursts and the never ending chores, not to forget the devilish kids let loose at home till they are tied down with everyday worksheets coming straight from the school WA group to be completed the following day. Phew! Life is indeed crazy.
After 2 hours of uninterrupted work, continuous pings from some WA group.

Well really! What’s this now. It’s from my Slogam group with songs to be sung at 5.30 PM in unison that evening for the overall health of mankind. Ok, will be good to join, if I complete this work! I make a mental note.

Another ping. Maybe the report is ready. I check to see my Paternal Family Group all active with a puzzle! Find the Cat! If you don’t find it in 15 seconds, you might be having early dementia!
What! I am sure I can find this silly cat even earlier! 2 minutes of staring hard at that picture only makes my eyes water and blurred. But no resemblance of any cat.  Oh never mind…Now back to work.

Ping! My Maternal Family Group which was last seen unscrambling snack items now is all busy talking about how a prisoner can escape from Cell no 3 outside without other prisoners seeing. Since I am the Admin of that group, I am happy the conversation is revolving around Non Covid stuff. I spent a sleepless few hours last night thinking the police might arrest me for a particularly angry post by a member about the origin of Covid! Good, harmless prisoner puzzles by Covid induced prisoners far better!

What’s for dinner? asks the husband. Well, why talk about dinner when it’s just 3 pm. It’s too hot to go into the kitchen. I glance at the watch. It’s 5 PM already! Gosh, how time flies. Why is it still blazing hot outside! Well, Summer. That’s how it has been for years.

Ping! I check Whatsapp to see who solved the Prisoner puzzle. Not yet. They are still arguing about the answer. My Slogam group has sent a reminder that group singing will start in half an hour.
Ping! “Ma’am I have emailed you the report. Have a look and let me know if any edits are needed” My dear sincere team delivered as promised.

Ping! My Heritage Group. Wow, a webinar on temple architecture in Tanjore District? I must attend this.
Ping! Group singing has started.
Ping! Zoom classes: Yoga for fitness of mind and body.
Ping! Ping! Ping!

I close the Whatsapp on my web, and tell myself sternly. Megalai, You have just one more hour, before chores begin. Focus on nothing except work. You have employees dependent on salaries for sustenance and clients signed up with you for your “excellence”

8 PM. Dinner done, Dishes done. TV news and Covid count taken in for the day.

But what about the blessed cat! I still haven’t found it! Let me see now…

Can you find the cat?

Puzzle Courtesy: PuzzleFry

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