The clothesline

I wrote this poem for 4th Standard children 15 years ago! 

Yellow, white, green and blue Myriad hues we have, we do 

Dancing gleefully in the sunshine 

The restless clothes on the clothesline 

 Every house must have one 

In the backyard welcoming the sun 

Or even in balconies, tiny 

Coaxing sunny rays in, wistfully 

 Shirts, pants, kameez and bedsheets 

Flipping in joy in the breeze 

Bobbing their heads teasing each other 

Till clouds gather, Oh bother! 

 In they go crammed on a stand 

In a dark room under the fan “This is not fun”, says Sari 

Others agree quietly, feeling sorry 

 No house can secrets keep 

A clothesline will always leak 

Are you rich or are you poor

Clothes will tell, for sure 

 Ah! Naughty boys in there 

Dainty girls too, who wear 

Pink frilly frocks, which dare 

To play ‘Tangle’ with a socks pair 

 Strange clothes are these 

Guests from afar, Oh I see! 

Teeny Weeny clothes, a baby? 

Come to stay awhile, maybe 

 Some houses are a mystery

 Since clotheslines are history 

They believe in a machine with a dryer 

And keeping to themselves forever 

 Like the clothesline the world needs 

To keep no secrets or bad deeds

To be open, free and gay 

And to live together, day after day.

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