cow menace in chennai

The cow menace lurking the Chennai streets

Many a time I stay over at Amma’s apartment for the night and take the 8 min walk to my house the next morning. I usually take the longer route which is somewhat better than the shorter crowded route which is not at all pleasant. As I was walking past the corporation office, I spotted several walkers in sports shoes heading towards the newly spruced up Thiru Vi Ka Park. Early morning commuters were rushing in to take the Metro to their work places/colleges. Passing by the roadside Vinayagar temple at the corner of Nadhamuni street, I sent a quick prayer to the Gajamugan, “Let this day be pleasant and go on smoothly without any roadblocks…” The Kondrai tree on Nadhamuni street was in full bloom. My thoughts went to the Thevaram ‘Ponnar Meniyene’. Immediately I started humming, ‘Milir Kondrai Anindhavane’ It is remarkable how the eye sees a scene and the mind triggers a related song and the mouth starts singing….

Now I was turning into Chellamal street, deep in thoughts about the next song my paatu mami  would choose to teach…when I spotted her at the end of the street. It was a narrow road and I was halfway in. The black menacing looking cow was watching me come in. Fear gripped me as the cow looked angry and she started her way towards me. There was no one else on that street. Just me and the black cow. For a split second, I thought I will turn back and run. But decided to squeeze into the space between a house and a parked scooter. As I went past the cow I started running and didn’t stop till I turned into Gajapathy street. Then I looked back. She was watching me from the same spot. Phew. Narrow escape. I was lucky. Was reminded of the old man who became a fatal victim to a stray cow at Triplicane.

As I walked down to my house, I couldn’t help but feel a newfound appreciation for my morning walks. Forget the usual obstacles like potholes, cow dung, open manholes and speeding vehicles; now I had to be on the lookout for stealthy, ninja-like cows ready to ambush innocent pedestrians.

I chuckled to myself, thinking, “Well, that’s one way to add excitement to my morning routine – the adrenaline-packed Cow Sprint Challenge!” Maybe I should start a fitness trend – “Dodge the Cow for a Healthy Glow.”

I imagined telling my friends, “Oh, you do yoga in the morning? That’s cute. I navigate through the mean streets of Chennai, mastering the ancient art of ‘Cow Fu’.”

And as for the black cow on Chellamal street, I could picture her with a pair of sunglasses, chilling beside the parked scooter, plotting her next surprise attack. Perhaps she was just a misunderstood vigilante, fighting against the monotony of urban life.

So there I was, laughing at the absurdity of it all, thinking, “Move over stray dogs; we’ve got ninja cows in Chennai.” And with that, I entered the lift, all invigorated to face a long work day ahead.


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